28 August 2010

Recovering from Surgery and MRSA

A sample of what God provided for recovery:

1. My dad who pays my bills. Thanks dad!!

2. A fairy maid. My fairy made brings mini muffins, tea and water to my bed along with pain medication and then prepares a bath with Epsom salts. While I am in the bath this fairy changes towels, sheets and pillowcases on my bed that may have come in contact with MRSA germs. She puts ointment on MRSA boils. She does lots of laundry, cooking and dishes. My puppy, bunnies and guinea are fed and watered by my fairy. I have the best fairy maid! My mom wishes she had one.

3. A friend, sister-in-law and mom who took me to doctor and IV appointments. Thanks Anna, Ellie and mom!

4. Family and friends who prayed for me, sent cards and emails, left comments on my blog, sent books, money and flowers and came to visit. Thank you everyone!

5. Liza, Brandy, Arkadiy, Dr. Hendricks and the staff at
Born Clinic.

6. Dr. Figg, my surgeon, who the nurses say is one of the best. I agree!

7. My friend Michelle brought me colloidal silver.

8. Miranda cleaned my room.

9. Soft and pretty homemade heating pad covers.

10. Dvds to watch: Twelfth Night, To Kill a Mockingbird and Doris Day movies. My favorite Doris Day movies- "It Happened to Jane" and "Send Me No Flowers." Note to self: It is painful to watch funny movies soon after surgery!

11. A puppy who is destructive when his mama doesn't pay attention to him. This provides a great incentive for getting better quickly!

12 August 2010


Yesterday Dr. Figg called to check on me, so I asked if I could go home the next day. He said that he would be in to check on me in the morning, but would not promise anything. This morning Dr. Figg asked if I would like to stay a couple more days and I replied with a definite, "no." He said he had told the nurses that he wouldn't be able to keep me there another day. Every thing looked fine, so he allowed me to be discharged. My mom came to pick me up and we were out the hospital door by 9:30am. We stopped at the Farmer's Market located in the parking lot at Metro Hospital. When we got home mom made me a smoothie with the cantaloupe and blueberries she bought.

This afternoon Miranda and Noah came to visit with their mom. Noah told me he prayed for me. I told him thank you and that God answered our prayers. Dr. Figg said I am way ahead of schedule and am doing perfect.

I am resting for the next couple weeks and will be getting nutritional IV's in Grand Rapids.

I will be back to posting in September.

"Oh! there is nothing like staying at home for real comfort." ~Jane Austen

11 August 2010

Wednesday Update

Yesterday my brother Matt and his wife Ellie visited. Also, my friend Erin was able to come over. Around 11:30pm I was moved to the OB floor because rooms were needed on the 6th floor. It was rather late to pack up and move, but has worked out nicely. The floor I am on now is quiet and not as hectic, so it has made for more of a peaceful stay. All my nurses have been great. My surgeon will be in tomorrow morning to let me know if I may go home or if I need to stay another day.

10 August 2010

Surgery Update

Dr. Figg was in this afternoon. He said I am doing really well. Thursday will be the earliest I am able to go home. Anna has been taking me for many walks. We enjoyed a visit from my nurse Mary who took care of me three years ago when I was at Metro.

Dr. Figg explained that the surgery was at the site of the first surgery three years ago. The ileostomy site is fine.

I have been getting by on lower levels of pain medication. I am grateful for Anna spending this time with me. As Anna says, I am soaking up the "Anna rays."

Thank you for praying.

Love, Sarah

09 August 2010

Surgery Update

In the morning Dr. Ryan Figg completed a resection at Sarah's ileostomy take-down site. He reported seeing some scar tissue from past surgeries, but otherwise everything looked well. At the take-down site, there was only a 1 centimeter opening where a normal opening would be 5 centimeters.

The first question Sarah asked during recovery: "Do I have an ileostomy?" No, praise the Lord! She is very thankful she was healthy enough to bypass this procedure.

At 4:00 in the afternoon Sarah took her first walk! We'll take more walks tonight. We = Anna and Sarah. I'm here doing my residency in Sarah's room. I'm camping out until Wednesday night, or until she comes home, whichever is sooner.

Please pray for Sarah's quick healing and speedy release from the hospital.

06 August 2010

Dear Readers,

Thank you for visiting my blog. Due to surgery on August 9th I am taking a few weeks off from posting. However, my friend Anna will post surgery updates on the 9th and 10th.