31 May 2012

GF Pancakes and Baked Beans

Beans with molasses, maple syrup, onion and bacon


2 Cups flour mix
1 Tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon sugar
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1 3/4 - 2 cups rice milk
2 Tablespoons water
3 Tablespoons safflower or sunflower oil

original recipe is from I'm an Organizing Junkie

29 May 2012

2012 Reading

 I have actually read a book this year!  Matt was reading aloud to me, which I think is wonderful.  However, I had not completed a book in over nine months.  
The past couple of days I was able to put my feet up and read  
Parenting by the Book 
 Matt and I had been reading A family of Values which is also by John Rosemond.  That book was incredibly helpful to us!  It said in calm, unemotional terms what I was trying to say through tears and frustration.  It brought such relief to me for my husband to clearly read what I was struggling to explain.

Parenting by the Book is a condensed version of A Family of Values and explains the same principles using Biblical references.  
I highly recommend it!

"'Grandma's Home School Character Curriculum' was a powerful and uplifting experience, for sure.  She endowed her children with respect for others by teaching them good manners...She taught them task responsibility by involving them in household responsibilities.  She insisted that her children accept accountability or social responsibility, for their behavior...by expecting them to solve their own problems, entertain themselves, do their own homework, and even devise their own playthings, Grandma all but ensured that her children would develop a resourceful attitude toward life's challenges."
~Parenting by the Book by John Rosemond

Children's Rights?

Written by John Rosemond
available on Mr. Rosemond's website

  1. Because it is the most character-building, two-letter word in the English language, children have the right to hear their parents say "No" at least three times a day.
  2. Children have the right to find out early in their lives that their parents don't exist to make them happy, but to offer them the opportunity to learn the skills they will need to eventually make themselves happy.
  3. Children have a right to scream all they want over the decisions their parents make, albeit their parents have the right to confine said screaming to certain areas of their homes.
  4. Children have the right to find out early that their parents care deeply for them but don't give a hoot what their children think about them at any given moment in time.
  5. Because it is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, children have the right to hear their parents say "Because I said so" on a regular and frequent basis.
  6. Because it is the most character-building activity a child can engage in, children have the right to share significantly in the doing of household chores.
  7. Every child has the right to discover early in life that he isn't the center of the universe (or his family or his parents' lives), that he isn't a big fish in a small pond, and that he isn't the Second Coming, so as to prevent him from becoming an insufferable brat.
  8. Children have the right to learn to be grateful for what they receive, therefore, they have the right to receive all of what they truly need and very little of what they simply want.
  9. Children have the right to learn early in their lives that obedience to legitimate authority is not optional, that there are consequences for disobedience, and that said consequences are memorable and, therefore, persuasive.
  10. Every child has the right to parents who love him/her enough to make sure he/she enjoys all of the above rights.

27 May 2012

For Matt

Feeding the Giraffes

Thank you Grandpa Ed and Grandma Mona for the zoo pass!  We stopped on the way home from our midwife appointment.  Mama was worn out just walking to the Africa Tram, so the giraffes were as far as we got.

We Made it to Michigan

Just before Matt and I left for Detroit for his flight  back to Virginia. Amie and Madison were already at Grandpa and Grandma Lootens'       

Pictures of Home

Pictures of the inside of our home...Part 2

Boy's room

Pictures of Home

 Virginia Beach, Virginia

Pictures of the inside of our home...Part 1

Abigail's room- the hummingbird picture was made by my mom when I was little and the doll house bookcase was found on Craig's List.

Front Entry
Hankie bags

Abigail's desk...found at a garage sale

John's school desk

Kindness Matters sign and my Mother's day gift clock

Our tea basket, cloth napkin basket and Berkey station.  The kid cups, bowls and plates are in the desk drawers.

Smoothie station

Above my kitchen sink

09 May 2012

At the Beach

We have enjoyed visiting the beach at every opportunity.  This beach is on one of the local bases and just a short drive from home. 
Sunshine, sand and water are such a wonderful combination!


03 May 2012

A Skirt for Abby

Amie out grew this dress, so Abby and I re-purposed it to a skirt.
It is a delight to make things for Abigail because she has such a grateful heart.
 This skirt was worn several days in a row before it took a laundry break.