24 June 2014


Apron for a gift made with fabric given to us.
Pillowcases for Grandma and Aunt Colleen made with fabric given to us by Great Grandma Jean

Gluten, dairy and rice free biscuits. Recipe to soon follow.

Saying goodbye...
To our "blueberry" Dodge caravan that was totaled when we were rear ended.

Helping Daddy

07 June 2014

Reading List

Calico Captive
By Elizabeth George Speare

"In the morning those vast sails would be released to billow out and catch the wind. What would it be like to have no solid ground under one's feet, to hear only the howling wind, to strain one's eyes and see nothing but sky and water week after week? She shivered, yet at the same time her mind leaped ahead toward this new adventure."

06 June 2014

Abigail's Room - Pictures of Home

Crochet heart - Aunt Theresa
Bedding - Lydia
Butterfly Pillow - Grandma Mona
Curtain - online clearance
Rose garland - Miss Pat
Bunting - homemade with fabric and vintage pillow cases given by a friend and Great Grandma Jean

Doll House - Craigslist
Hutch - Craigslist
Rose Tea pot - garage sale
Books - from Mama (from when she was young), Grandma Mona and the thrift store

Rose wall picture - Salvation Army Thrift Store

Book shelf - cut down from one given to Mama years ago

Apron - Great Grandma Jean
Rose hat - Mama's from years ago
Camo hat - Burke family
Clock - Walmart
Vera purse - Mama's from years ago
Tea cup and saucer - Great Great Grandma Ashley

Reading List

Papa's Wife
By Thyra Ferre Bjorn

"Life was made up of joy and sorrow-balanced measure of each-so that you appreciated the joy more because of the dark hours. Like dark strands woven with threads of gold in a fine tapestry, but to which, at the time of weaving, you were too close to understand its values.