29 February 2012

Pictures of Home (Indoors)

my favorite area
we love our Sailor
Matthew and Josiah's dresser is placed in the dining room...makes less trips up the stairs for me!
handkerchief bags in the kitchen

Solomons, Maryland

27 February 2012

Popping Sorghum

Popped sorghum is a favorite snack in our home.  After purchasing a small bag of popped sorghum at Whole Foods we purchased 35 pounds of  grain sorghum. We enjoy sharing with friends and family.  Our sorghum came from Pleasant Hill GrainThis video from Justpoppin.com is a good tutorial on how to pop sorghum.

26 February 2012

Long Sleeve to Short with Bows

Abigail and I turned her stained long sleeve shirt into this cute short sleeve shirt with bows.  We used the tutorial from Make It and Love It.

16 February 2012


We are all married ladies!

Yes, Abby is holding a dead squirrel. :)

15 February 2012

Michigan Visit

My younger kiddos and I were able to make a trip to Michigan.  We enjoyed staying with Grandpa Ed and Grandma Mona!
ice skating with the Betts family
John and Noah

Knightly and Matthew
Miranda doing my hair
This little girl loves her Aunt Ellie

fun with Uncle Matthew
Abby's sweater was knit by Grandma Jean for Mommy when she was little
Talking to Daddy
Matthew and Gavin

It was a blessing to have our friends Marigene and Lydia to help on the drive home

01 February 2012

A quote

“Courage is not having the strength to go on; it is going on when you don’t have the strength.  Industry and determination can do anything that genius and advantage can do and many things that they cannot.”  
Theodore Roosevelt