20 July 2015

One Day

Abigail has been a big help with Isaac.  He likes Abigail to read, "My Sailor Dad" by Ross Mackenzie.

Our front porch is a giant play pen for Nat.  He really enjoys being outdoors!

Matthew and Josiah work on their school and various projects while sitting under their tree.  It makes a pleasant place to work.

A tasty dinner on the  lovely Fiesta Ware plate that was a gift.  The plate arrived in the mail and was promptly washed and put to use.  The "baby" jar of Real salt was also a gift.

Isaac was so worn out he fell asleep on the floor.  I moved him to the papason after taking this picture.  Isaac works and plays hard.

9 1/2 Months!

17 July 2015


Kiddos were blessed to go swimming yesterday.  Mrs. H picked them up and took kiddos to Mrs. M's house.  They were gone five hours swimming and enjoying lunch prepared by Mrs. H.  Nat and I had a pleasant time together working on a couple simple projects, playing, snuggling and resting.

Birthday Book

Isaac has been enjoying his birthday book from Grandpa and Grandma Potter.  He refers to the book as his "birthday present."  The book has a picture of a tractor and tools, so it is perfect for bed time when it is to late to play in the tractor shed or make repairs on the house.  Isaac has also been utilizing the tools he received from the H family.  He carries the tools around in his pockets all day!

13 July 2015

So Fun

Isaac said riding in the house is "so fun!"  Matthew enjoys pushing Nat in the car.  Nathaniel smiles and smiles...he loves being a big boy!

10 July 2015


Flowers for Mama

I was quite ill for over a week so Matt and kiddos brought me flowers.

A Birthday Gift

Birthday Dessert

Gluten,dairy and sugar free cupcakes...recipe from Cybele Pascal's dessert book...simple and delicious cupcakes!

07 July 2015

one, two, THREE!!!


Isaac Tyndale is 
One, two, THREE
handsome as can be
One, two, THREE
Likes to ride his bike and climb trees
One,two, THREE
A helpful worker bee
One, two, THREE
Isaac means laughter, you will see
one, two, THREE
we thank the Lord for the boy he is 
And trust Him for the man we hope he will be!

Birthday snuggle....more pictures to come.