31 October 2011

Reformation Day

"It was 494 years ago that Martin Luther nailed his world-changing 95 Theses to the door of the Wittenberg church. These theses included rebukes to ungodly fear and superstition. 502 years ago, sometime near October 31, a baby named John Calvin was conceived who would dedicate his life to eradicating an ungodly fear of superstitious beliefs and proclaiming the gospel of grace. His emphasis on reformation, revival, and the sufficiency of Scripture had such far-reaching implications for nations like the United States that he has been described by Christian and secular scholars
 alike as the true founding father of America. The Reformers did something that was very scary to the world of their day. They stood against all forms of dark superstitions which grip the minds and souls of men. It was their emphasis on the fear of the Lord and the wisdom of Holy Scripture that was used by God to liberate untold numbers of men and women. But to remember the Reformers instead of Halloween is very scary to the world. "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom" (Proverbs 9:10).
Doug Phillips
Vision Forum
The Five Scariest Things You Can Do This Halloween

27 October 2011

A Quote to Ponder

“How can it be a large career to tell other people’s children about the rule of three, and a small career to tell one’s own children about the universe? How can it be broad to be the same thing to everyone, and narrow to be everything to someone? No. A woman’s function is laborious, but because it is gigantic, not because it is minute. I will pity Mrs. Jones for the hugeness of her task; I will never pity her for its smallness.”
G.K Chesterton

Art Class

25 October 2011


Rice cakes, sunbutter and bananas are in demand foods at my house.  Combine them and you have a yummy lunch!

21 October 2011

{this moment}

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

18 October 2011


My little ones eat leftovers for lunch more often than not.  They do this with a joyful heart which is a tremendous blessing!  Last night we had tacos, so today they had scrambled eggs with left over homemade re-fried beans (thankfully they were not as thin today...I misjudged the liquid), homemade salsa, and lettuce on whole wheat tortillas.

11 October 2011

wedding pictures

baby update

thankful for the joy God gave of anticipating the arrival of our baby even for only six weeks. I'm also thankful for the confidence we have that God is in control, for a husband who is a steady rock in times of pain and sorrow and for encouragement and love from friends and family.

wedding pictures

wedding pictures

Wedding Pictures

10 October 2011

From Theresa

My dear friend Theresa posted this on her blog aunttheresasadventures....

A Story for Sarah

During the summer, Sarah, over at www.steepedbysarah.blogspot.com, got married. I was asked to write a little story for her bridal shower. I was so thrilled and honored to be asked by her lovely sister-in-law, Elly. Sarah and I have corresponded through letters for years. Writing her has been my therapy. I've written her about my struggles, joys and life away from my family. This is the story I wrote for her. When this was read at her shower, only a few people knew I wrote it. I don't like to share my writing but I think she would love to just read it again....so, here it goes.

Once upon a time there was a Raggedy Ann girl that lived in a Barbie world. She was a fair maiden, daughter to Ed and Ramona and sister to Jacob and Matthew. Her name was Sarah. She loved wearing dresses and skirts and always had her toes painted in such pretty colors. Her hair was always adorned with lovely flowers that she so delicately made with beautiful silk fabric in pinks and purples. In the winter, she would wear beautiful hats that she would crochet out of the most marvelous colors.

Sarah had two handsome nephews and an adorable niece she took great delight in. She was always sewing blankets for them to keep them nice and cozy. She also took great delight in children around her. She spent countless hours with the neighbor children, Miranda and Noah, and loved them like her own. They loved to camp, bake, play games and craft together. They especially loved the special smoothies she would make just for them. They helped her take care of her two dogs and bunnies. It was a special time for them all.

She had many friends and gave much love to all of their little ones. She traveled near and far to visit them. Sarah helped care for her friends when they were sick or in need. She was there for the delivery of a baby of a special friend. She would watch their babies, cook for them and spent a lot of time helping them clean their homes so that they could spend time with their little ones and get some rest. Many of her hours were spent scrubbing and scrubbing out baby bottles and she would dream of the day she would have her own bottles to scrub. She took comfort in the people around her.

She longed for the day when she would have her own little family.

For years Sarah prayed for her prince charming. Now, one evening, she stumbled onto a picture of a handsome gentleman and his seven children. He (Matt) referred to these seven children as his "blessings". She was impressed by the love he seemed to have for them. She was intrigued and started to write him. The thought of seven children around her apron throughout the day made her absolutely giddy and delighted. Could he be the one? Were these little ones the ones she had waited for all these years?

Sarah met Matt and his seven blessings and the sparks flew. She and Matt became betrothed and his seven blessings are now her seven blessings. She became stepmom to Christina, Amy, Madison, John, Abigal, Matthew and Josiah and they welcomed her as queen bee. She was so happy to be surrounded by them.

Sarah was really not a Raggedy Ann after all....instead she was Cinderella.

....to be continued...

05 October 2011

Of God Writing a Love Story

Matt and I met on Christian Mingle which is an on-line dating service.  Both of us had protested meeting someone on-line, but in the end that is how God brought us together.  Our first email was July 2, 2011.  Although Matt lives in Maryland he was in Michigan visiting his parents who live about 45 minutes from my parents.  We were able to meet July 4th.  Our first date was spent all together - Matt and his seven children and me.  After meeting we texted and talked.  Within a short time Matt purchased a cell phone for me and added me to his plan. I was delighted to say the least.   A few weekends later I flew to Maryland and stayed at a hotel on base.  Matt, Chrissy, Amie, Madison, John, Abigail, Matthew, Josiah and I spent the weekend together swimming in the Chesapeake Bay, attending church and visiting friends.  Chrissy and a friend graciously watched her younger siblings while Matt and I went on our first alone date.  Three weeks after that Matt flew to Michigan with the intention of asking my dad's permission to marry me.  My dad agreed and I finally received that long awaited marriage proposal along with a long awaited first kiss.  My great grandma's diamond was finally placed on my finger. The next three weeks are a blur in my memory.  With the help of family and friends I packed, planned a wedding and Matt and I completed pre-marriage counseling via Skype with his pastor and an elder and his wife.  August 27, 2011 Matt and I said, "I do." The following Monday we drove home to Maryland and so in the past three months I met my husband, married, became a step mama to seven, moved half way across the country and am expecting our next child.  God's provision is complete and though the transition has been hard at times I am very well loved and grateful for the hand God has given to hold mine.  To someone else looking in it may seem rushed and quick this courtship and marriage.  However, to me it has seemed so long.  I am thankful that Matt has been a godly leader in our relationship.  He was open with me and made his intentions clear from the beginning.  We both love the Lord and seek to do His will, we believe the same on matters of doctrine, we both love children and see them as a blessing, we both firmly believe in a wife being the keeper at home and in home education.  To both of us those are the important items. Having those settled we have found our tastes to be similar in so many ways.  God truly planned us for each other.  It is a blessing to be a help meet to a godly husband who is a godly father to our children.  It is a blessing to have waited for him, to have kissed only him and I am thankful for God setting that desire in my heart and giving me the strength to wait.  God has given me more than I could ever imagine.  Though there have been difficult days and tears, God gives grace and mercies abundant and He has given me the one my soul loves.

02 October 2011

A little post...big news

Praise God, baby on the way...due in May.  More posts to follow soon.