03 August 2016

Random Thoughts

Plates: ham steak, broccoli and potato salad prepared with homemade turmeric maple dressing

Listening: Twila Paris Ultimate Collection

Reading: Evidence Not Seen by Darlene Diebler Rose

Hooks: dish cloths

Gifting: homemade bath salts with Epsom salt, sea salt, baking soda, clay and powdered ginger

Kiddos: Matthew is ten!
Nat is 21 months and has decided he is a big boy.  He wears skivvies and goes on the potty! Also, when I figure out what Nat wants he shakes his head yes, smiles and claps.

Neighbors: Last week we met our new neighbors who arrived earlier this year.  They have four children including a sweet four month old baby girl.  Our other neighbor, four and a half year old C, came to play today which made Isaac very happy.

Increasing: the garage sale pile... I have been on a mission to greatly decrease our possessions ... more simplicity and less cleaning...

Missing: my mom!

Looking forward: sitting on the beach... Our last trip turned into a grocery run as a storm arrived before we made it to the ocean.

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