14 November 2012

One Little, Two Little

Two little Indian boys and one little Pilgrim girl. 
This evening is Pilgrim and Indian night at Awana.  Abby's outfit is made from a sheet, shirt and jumper purchased at Goodwill.  Matthew and Josiah's outfits are also made from clothes purchased at Goodwill.  We cut a pair of corduroy pants to make the fringe and attached it with safety pins.  Daddy made the Indian headdresses.
Sunday an elderly lady gave Matthew and Josiah a twenty dollar bill as a gift.  Sunday is also when I realized that children were dressing up for Awana this evening.  The gift of twenty dollars more than covered the expense for their outfits. It took just one trip to the thrift store and a couple hours work to result in three thankful and excited children.

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