22 June 2012


Our list of smoothie ingredients is quite long and the list of health benefits is even longer.
Due to food sensitivities our smoothies are made in stages...first mine, then my kiddo's and then my mom's.
Following is our ingredient list with a few of the health benefits:

Mama's Smoothie

Sunsational sunflower kernel milk - "Sunsational is high in fiber, contains heart healthy fats, phenolic anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins, and protein."
Pumpkin seeds - good source of zinc
Daily Boost Herba-smoothie from Bulk Herb Store - contains bilberry which strengthens the eyes
Rose Hips - supply bioflavonoids
Integris Life Solubles Powdered Rice Bran - Omega 6
Chia seeds - "The chia seed was once a staple food of the Aztecs, loved for its ability to sustain and to give endurance"-NaturalNews 
contains many amino acids and is a plant based source of complete protein
                                                            raspberries-minerals and vitamins
apple- fiber
kefir water -enzyme rich probiotic drink
Turkish Mulberries -Benefit the kidneys

Kiddo's Smoothie
base of Mama's Smoothie 
along with:
Natural Milled Golden Flax Seed -Omega 3 and protein 
Erin's Green Drink Mix from Bulk Herb Store - contains spirulina which has chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and calcium
Powdered Goat's Milk - easy to digest and high in calcium
coconut oil-lauric acid
coconut milk -builds immune system, electrolytes, aids in building strong bones
mango- improves digestion or pineapple-strengthens gums
vitamin C

Grandma's Smoothie

base of Kiddo's Smoothie
along with:
extra coconut milk and coconut water
banana - bone health

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