24 June 2012

Cloth Wipes

 My friend Theresa at Aunt Theresa's Adventures posted on cloth wipes.  It is a topic I have wanted to write about and Theresa is graciously allowing me to use her post.

Here is a great way to save a little money with that extra flannel you have.
I realized a few months ago how much toilet paper I was using.  
So I made some flannel wipes.
I know, sounds a little gross but it really isn't.
You can cut them to any size you like.  Put the wrong sides together and sew around.
I have a little drawstring bag by the toilet and once used, I just drop it in.
You can throw the bag in with a bag of towels or sheets to wash.
 Thanks to Sarah and her mom for the brilliant idea.

Some questions you may have.

Do they smell?
Only a drop or so ends up on the wipes.  I haven't noticed a smell coming from the bag but I don't let them sit there for weeks without being washed.  I throw them in the washing machine every time I throw in a load of towels or sheets.  I would also throw them in with diapers if I was using cloth diapers.

Do you use them for everything?
Nope.  I don't use them during that time of month and I don't use them for #2.  I suppose you could but that seems a little to gross for me.  

If I come to visit you, do I have to use these?
No, guests still use regular toilet paper.  Just want to put that out there in case you are thinking of visiting.  :)

What will they look like after the first wash?
The reason why you need to sew around the edges is that the edges will fray after the first wash.  They will also shrink a bit so make them a little larger than you'd like.

Does this really save you money?
It does for me.  With my endometriosis and small bladder I use the bathroom a lot especially when I'm drinking the required amount of water a day that you are suppose to. 

Sarah's notes....
We've been using cloth wipes at my mom's for two years.  She also has a drawstring bag for used wipes.  At home in Virginia I have an enamel pot with a lid for them.  I put baking soda and a few drops of essential oil in the bottom.  When it is time to wash wipes they get dumped out onto a used bath towel along with the baking soda and carried to the washing machine.  Using cloth wipes definitely saves money, doesn't add much to our laundry, is healthier than always using paper processed with chemicals and bleach, and  is better for the septic or sewer system. They are soft and pretty, and actually very pleasant to use.

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