23 June 2011

Thankful For

~The picture Miranda made me.
~A gift from Tim and Erin - as they said it is something for me to look forward to
~Kisses from Gavin
~An IV
~Homemade hand lotion
~Knightly running to greet me
~Theresa's advise
~Hot chocolate
~Murray River Australian Flake Salt
~I Love This Yarn in Buttercup
~This chocolate bar


Aunt Theresa said...

It's so funny because I was just crocheting little flowers with the buttercup yarn thinking it was my favorite or close to, my favorite color! I love hand made lotion to...and I need to make more soon because I'm getting low. You know how dry it is here.
Sounds like a lot to be thankful for. :) I love greetings from my Lily and Daisy to. Warms my heart!

April said...

It is nice that you took the time to be thankful. It helps remind us we aren't just here, but God has a purpose. I'm thankful for early morning snuggles with the children, a clean house, and I love the homemade lotion too!