18 June 2011

Sarah and Noah's Camping Adventure

Noah and I spent two nights camping at a local state park. I enjoyed reading by the campfire while Noah rode his bike. We also spent time at the beach.

Gluten Free Camping Menu
(all cooked over the campfire using this great camping grid)

Thursday supper: leftover Noah's Casserole

Friday lunch: waffle burgers
cast iron waffle iron from Lehman's

Friday supper: tin foil dinners and hot chocolate


Anonymous said...

looks like fun.

Aunt Theresa said...

What a wonderful time with Noah! Wish I was there with you! You are such a wonderful friend and so much more adventurous than I ever would be. Glad Emma has you in her life to! She'll have someone to take her camping since her mom prefers air conditioned hotels. :)

Sarah Tressia said...

I will be glad to take her camping!!

April said...

I'm with Theresa!