18 June 2011

Florida = ♥Family♥ and Sunshine!

Gavin's first plane ride

Outing to a natural spring pool and a make your own pancakes restaurant

Uncle Randy took Ellie, Gavin and me to the Gulf Coast

Spending time with family


Anonymous said...

All the family pictures are beautiful. Love the one of Bill with younger cousins. Ramona

Aunt Theresa said...

You look so lovely in all the photos! I love the pictures of the water! I dream of sitting on the beach listening to the waves crash in and out. Thanks for the great pics! Gavin is getting so big. I'm so glad he did great on the trip for you girls. Ellie and Gavin sure are sweet. I bet they make good companions to travel with!

akhershy said...

Sarah, you look really good. ;-) I love to see your family pictures.

Matt-Ellie said...

Gavin and I had fun! It was really nice to visit with Uncle Randy, Aunt Kristine and her family!...(I hope we were good companions to travel with)