24 March 2016

Reading List

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir 
R.A. Dick

I wonder if there is something wrong with me, she thought, that I can get so much from so little, because all my joy really comes from not doing- not spending summer afternoons in stuffy drawing rooms listening to women setting their neighbors' morals to right over the bridge table, not spending summer evenings listening to men and women setting the worlds' affairs to rights over five course dinners, not in sewing circles, nor in reading groups.  I must be very selfish, she thought, for I want to set nothing and no one right; all I want is to be left in peace to make what I can of this problem called life for myself and my children.  

But I cannot forgive myself, said the captain.  I should have known better, because interfering unasked in other people's lives, whether from kindness or cruelty, is one of the greater sins, and I knew it.  It was my own pride.  I thought you needed a lesson, and I am the one that should be taught.  I am, indeed, a poor representative of either world, and I shall go away until I have learned greater wisdom.

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