03 July 2014

What to Do

Recently I was asked what I would do if I became seriously ill again. In response I compiled the information below. This information is in no way intended to diagnose, treat or give medical advise. It is simply what I do or would do for myself. I did find myself at the point where modern medicine had no answers and by God's providence I have made it seven years beyond that. It is my hope in posting this to encourage others who are at that point. I am thankful for traditional medicine especially in an emergency. It was only months ago that I spent time in the ER. There are other resources God has given us that are important to utilize in being a good steward of our body.

Here is what I do or would do after being on the point of death and seven years of research later...

ASD-plex powder vitamin from spectrum vitamins

Extra vitamins C, D and Bs, zinc and magnesium

Gut pro probiotic from organics3.com

Great Lakes Gelatin

Nordic Naturals fish oil

Rize energy drink- available on Amazon and formulated by the doctor God used to save my life.

Chiropractic care

Smoothies and fresh vegetable juice
Clean healthy meat
Organic or local produce

Liberal amounts of sea salt from Real Salt (no table salt)

Cold pressed unrefined coconut oil

Season with herbs... Turmeric, oregano, cilantro

Drink herbal tea and lots of filtered water and kombucha

Eat real foods..

No- sugar, dairy, gluten, processed


Lotion- use coconut oil... Unrefined

Soaps and shampoo- natural with few ingredients ( health food store products are deceptive- look for least ingredients)

Toothpaste- baking soda or water or earth paste from Redmonds Real Salt

Detox bath- Epsom salt and baking soda with lavender essential oil


Eliminate chemicals...

I use white vinegar and water to clean
Ivory free and clear dish soap
Free and clear laundry detergent such as arm and hammer... Least ingredients

Vetericyn- buy from amazon or farm store... Recommended by my grandpa and works great!

PAIN- acupuncture, chiropractor, bath, essential oils (NOW brand)

If finances are an issue I would spend money on the above products and a chiropractor rather than an alternative doctor. If able to go to an alternative doctor I would ask for a prescription of Low Dose Naltrexone 4.5mg

Get outdoors as much as possible...
( and when you need a treat eat enjoy life brand dark chocolate chips)

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