30 October 2012

Isaac in Italy

Isaac was loved everywhere we went.  Many people helped me on the trip to Italy and back.  He was held by many, many people!
Italian grandmas would stop me and start talking to Isaac and touch his feet, hands, cheeks and chin.  He would laugh and lunge forward, so excited to hear their sweet talking in Italian.
A lady from Minnesota held him for two hours on the plane from Boston to Rome.  The flight attendants held him off and on and put a bassinet on the wall for me. The lady behind me also held him.  While in Rome three gentleman who work for Boeing helped get me quickly through security and customs.  They were diligent in getting me to the front of lines and giving me instructions on my next step in the trip. A lady held Isaac in Naples while her husband and another gentleman helped retrieve my luggage. 
The hotel staff were all kind and carried bags for me.  Other guests always stopped to talk to Isaac.  We met several people from England.  Almost all the other guests stopped to talk to Isaac at least once.
In restaurants people would talk to Isaac and hold him.  One Italian grandfather brought me my fries and took Isaac.  He carried him around while he worked. At a couple different restaurants the waitresses just picked him up and showed him off. 
The staff at the hotel in Naples held him and took his picture.  They thought his passport photo was great.
At the beginning of our trip Isaac would lean forward and be excited when someone spoke Italian to him and tickled his chin and toes.  My the end of the trip he was tolerating it so bravely when he was whisked away from his mama.  He never cried just locked eyes on me.
On the way home more people carried my bags and helped me get to the customs line. 
It was always a blessing to have someone come up and take my large carry on bag for me.  It was also a blessing to be allowed in the front of security lines and the US customs line.
Isaac did very well on our trip and was shown a tremendous amount of affection!
 It was a good thing I don't mind people holding and touching him!

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