06 June 2014

Abigail's Room - Pictures of Home

Crochet heart - Aunt Theresa
Bedding - Lydia
Butterfly Pillow - Grandma Mona
Curtain - online clearance
Rose garland - Miss Pat
Bunting - homemade with fabric and vintage pillow cases given by a friend and Great Grandma Jean

Doll House - Craigslist
Hutch - Craigslist
Rose Tea pot - garage sale
Books - from Mama (from when she was young), Grandma Mona and the thrift store

Rose wall picture - Salvation Army Thrift Store

Book shelf - cut down from one given to Mama years ago

Apron - Great Grandma Jean
Rose hat - Mama's from years ago
Camo hat - Burke family
Clock - Walmart
Vera purse - Mama's from years ago
Tea cup and saucer - Great Great Grandma Ashley

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