27 December 2012

Bed Frames

After moving to Virginia we all slept on mattresses placed on the floor.  For various reasons we moved with only a bunk bed frame.  While Matt was deployed and my mom was here I made a dedicated search for bed frames.  John now has a nice wooden one purchased at a thrift store.  Matthew and Josiah have a trundle bed from Craig's list.  The previous owners delivered it for a small extra fee.  The trundle is on wheels and is completely separate from the higher bed which makes less opportunity for the bed to break. Chuck helped Matt put the trundle beds together.  Abigail received an entire bedroom set that was also purchased on Craig's List.  She has a doll house bed, a two drawer night stand, chair and a dresser with mirror.  Our neighbor, Mr. Mike, drove our big van and took me to pick up the set.  The family who owned it was moving, but the husband took the time to follow us home and help Mr. Mike out it together.  That was a tremendous blessing especially since Matt was deployed.  Amie and Madison have the bunk bed frame we bought in Maryland.  After all our kiddos had bed frames I purchased one for Matt and me.  It is simple and lovely!  I am quite pleased with it and it is nice to be sleeping off the floor.  Matthew and Josiah helped put the frame together.  They love to work and help daddy!

Abigail's bed

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