06 September 2012

Freedom of the Press

Our friend, Miss Andrea, has been watching my kiddos on Thursdays.  Andrea is a gracious and godly example to my kiddos!  Abigail, Matthew and Josiah love her and are always thrilled to spend the day with her!  Andrea has been doing science and history with them using our Abeka books.  The history lesson for today was freedom of the press and they were all given the opportunity to dictate while Miss Andrea typed what they wanted to say.  They are a delight to read!

"I love my mommy.  I kiss her on the cheek because I love her.  I love my daddy.  I just love him.  He is my best daddy ever.  I like to play with cars.  My favorite colors are yellow and green."

"I hug my mommy once I go to bed.  My mommy takes good care of me and I try to take care of my mommy.  I like to keep her safe.  I like to walk with my mommy.  My daddy is on a ship and he is probably asleep right now.  My daddy works so hard for us.  We help him a lot, too.  We put fire in the furnace with him.  Daddy and I like to work and we like to go to people's houses and help them.  I like to fix clocks with my daddy.  I like to take pictures with daddy.  I like to play cars with him."

"When my mom was sick I had to get up early in the morning to wake up my grandma.  Once Isaac was born we had to come home from Aunt Ellie and Uncle Matt's house.  Then, one time, we went north and we found lots of big Petoskey stones.  My mom found big ones and I found little ones.  Then, it was my birthday!  I got to go to TJ Maxx with my mom.  I pushed a shopping cart around the store!  We all got a birthday peach and we watched some bugs eat peaches too.  It was so disgusting that I couldn't watch it anymore.  I got a bear that said, 'Welcome to my Garden.'  My mommy likes to hug me and pretend to spank me and tickle me.  I like to come to Miss Andrea's house."

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