13 July 2012

A Boy and A Girl ~ A True Story

Long, long ago in a land far, far away lived a boy and a girl.  This boy and this girl met for lunch on the fourth of July.  From that moment on they texted, talked and sent messages on facebook.  Over time God knit their hearts together and they loved each other.  One day the boy realized he loved the girl.  Wanting his thoughts to be clear and in hopes of not scaring the girl he told her first in a message.  When the girl read of his love for her she greatly rejoiced. She responded by telling the boy that it didn't scare her because she loved him too.  The day this happened was the thirteenth of July.  Now the girl's heart was overflowing with joy and she had only one question, "What took the boy such a long time to declare his love?"  Because we ALL know that nine days is a VERY, VERY long time.
The End

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