14 August 2011

The Bad News about Homeschooling

The Bad News about Homeschooling
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If you homeschool your children, you will be putting them into a boat and rowing in the opposite direction of culture as a whole. You will be training them to seek different ends. You will prioritize family over peers and thinking skills over cramming for the test. You will teach them that every subject finds its beginning and center in God, and that He can’t just be dropped off at the front door like a backpack they can grab again on the way out. They won’t know what it’s like to ride the bus every morning, finally find their locker on the first day of school, to have to wear what’s currently “in” or face the consequences, to be the best in their class, or cheer for a school team. They will miss out, in other words, on the typical “life of the American teenager.”

Misty Krasawski


April said...

Wow! I read the whole article and I love this excerpt the best. Thanks for sharing this. It is so true but after all, we want them to be different right? I am so blessed to be able to homeschool, I just hope and pray that they thank me one day!

Anonymous said...

Dear, I'm thankful we are able to homeschool are children and greatly thankful for all you do!!