24 July 2011

Carlye & Brett

Mr. and Mrs. Brett Allen

mom, me and Grandma Marge
Grandpa and Grandma Taylor
Aunt Colleen, Grandma Jean and Aunt Becky

Jake, Andrew and Jessie
Carlye took the time to arrange an allergy free meal for me...thank you Carlye!

Carlye and her dad
Aunt Colleen and Uncle Paul

Ellie & Matt and Gavin


Anonymous said...

Sarah, I love all the pics you posted! Everyone is joyful! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Ooops! That was from A. Becky!

colleen said...

Sarah, the pictures are beautiful. It was a fun wedding. And so nice of Carlye to arrange for your meal. It looked every bit as good as the rest of the food. Love Aunt Colleen

April said...

Beautiful. I love seeing your family. Glad that everyone had a good time.