27 April 2011

An April Birthday

Today is my 31st birthday. To celebrate I made a list of 31 items I am thankful for from the past year.
Here they are in a somewhat random order.

God's provision for all my needs and many extras
phone calls and time spent with a godly gentleman who far exceeds my unrealistic expectations
4. my niece and nephews, brothers and sisters-in-love
5. my dad who provides for me and a mom who continually sacrifices for me
our military who fight overseas, so I do not face the reality of war and for being able to volunteer for the family program at the 110th Airlift Support Wing
my friends Tim and Erin allowing me to frequently visit their home and spend time with their children
crocheting for three weeks with Theresa
9.witnessing the miracle of Daphne's birth and spending Christmas with her big brother and sisters
10. the moment my dear friend Anna showed me her diamond while we were at Barnes and Noble and that she wasn't embarrassed by the scene I made
11. Anna taking me to my pre-surgery appointments and staying at the hospital with me
12. a giant puppy who is always glad when his mama gets home
six year old Noah who still gives me kisses and thinks I am fun to spend time with
14. nine year old Miranda who goes on adventures with me and counts me as a best friend
holding baby Tara and sleep overs with her three older sisters
16. my aunts and uncles who take such good care of me
17. going to my doctor's office is one of the highlights of my social life
18. books
19. dark chocolate
20. Trader Joe's and Whole Foods
21. bunnies and guinea
22. letters from Theresa, Amanda and Melissa
23. all the times that Isabella and Adelaide say, "Miss Sarah Potter, I love you"
24. tea
25. homemade gifts that arrive in the mail from Wyoming
26. a sewing machine from my parents
27. IV's and acupuncture given by the very best nurses and acupuncturist
28. Karmen asking me to teach soap making and being a constant encouragement to me
29. I felt well enough to sleep in a tent in 17 degree weather
the MANY people God has put in my life to show His love, grace and provision to me
31. life,breath and strength, that the birthday I celebrated four years ago from a hospital bed was not my last and that God always does exceedingly abundantly beyond all I can think or imagine


ramona said...

Happy Birthday to my favorite oldest daughter!

April said...

I hate it when I cry at things like this. You are an inspiration and we love you. Happy Birthday my sweet friend.

akhershy said...

I like your list. ;-) Happy Birthday